Poster for the Twin Peaks Viewing Party happening every Sunday night at the Cove!

Poster for Discourse, Bail, Glass Rivers, Barren Arrows & Gimp Teeth at the Abbey on December 29th.

Poster for Crosstown Arts Christmas party!

Poster for Farm is Art, an event at my lovely farmer Brandon's farm, Delta Sol Farm!

Commissioned two-color silkscreened poster design for Craig Brewer's long awaited DVD release of his first feature film, The Poor & Hungry.

Fun poster for Edward Valibus, G.B. Shannon and Corduroy Wednesday for their new hysterical short film Songs in the Key of Death!

Nothing but love for Indie Memphis! Free poster for the Halloween After-Party.

With art direction by Mike McCarthy, I reappropriated a badass old 1960s era Drive-In movie poster for the awesome Black Lodge hosted SHOCKTOBER! installment of the Time Warp Drive-In, which come summer 2014 should be happening twice a month till it's too cold to bear it.

I did this design free of charge for the inaugural year of the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival, and albeit it was spec work, I'm actually a little offended they went with this instead. Trajan? Really? Sheesh.

Poster for SportsBash! hosted by the Germantown Athletic Center and the Guild of the Germantown Performing Arts Center.

Poster for the return of the Black Lodge Halloween Monster Mash that I'm co-hosting this year!

Gnarly illustration by the mega-talented Cole Wheeler, type by yours truly. This poster is supposed to lure college-aged kids back into Lodge.

Poster for Crosstown Block Party for Crosstown Arts!

Poster for Greyscale, Bail, Vera, with Barren Arrows' first show at Crosstown Arts!

Poster for DJ Witnesse's Soul Food Brunch weekly jam session at the newly opened Ink in Cooper-Young.

2013 tour poster for Side Street Steppers!

Front & back of invitations to my birthday party show!

Design for a limited edition run of silk screened posters for Craig Brewer's short film Clean Up in Booth B being exclusively released at Black Lodge Video. Printed by Drew Binkley at Grand Palace Silkscreen in Nashville, TN.

The ocean of solutions is within, enliven that. ... It's a world of clues, a world of mystery but the mystery can get solved, you can find a lot of answers for these things within.
-David Lynch

Poster for the Break-Up Show 3 happening at Crosstown Arts July 18-20 hosted by Savannah Bearden.

Poster for the Premiere Party for Craig Brewer's documentary Indie Origins about the budding Memphis film scene in the late 90s, featuring 7 mostly unheard of short films from local filmmakers.

Screenprinted poster design for Bikesploitation 3!

An admittedly weird tour poster for trash rock band The Hussy, for Ping Pong Booking & PR.

Sticker designs for local tattoo shop, Underground Art. Illustrations by Ivy McLemore and Sarah Forbess

Custom illustrated poster for FAT SANDWICH RECORDS FEST happening April 12-13, 2013 // for ERF

Rejected logo for Memphis Made, Rock 103's locals show on Sunday nights.

Faux movie poster for my main squeeze, Patrick. ♥

Graveyard at the Hi Tone Feb. 01 2013 >> for ERF

Underground Art's 20 Year Celebration at the Hi Tone Feb. 02 2013 >> for ERF

Shirt design for ERF

Alex Richards' old ass turns 40 at the Hi Tone Jan. 13 2013 >> for ERF

Commissioned birthday invitation for a friend of mine’s very metal 6-year-old daughter! Look at the Satan in her eyes.

My first tour poster! For a 3-day mini-tour with Jack Oblivian & the Tennessee Tearjerkers hitting Dallas, Austin, and NOLA next month, booked by my good friends at Ping Pong Booking & PR. (for ERF>>)

Josh & Cara's Save the Date!

Christmas is the tackiest of holidays.
Poster for the Shangri-La Christmas Party at the Hi-Tone >> for erf

Lo-Pan & Tanks at the Buccaneer Nov. 13 2012 >> for ERF

Collaboration with Ronnie Lewis for Lord T & Eloise at the Hi Tone Nov. 21 2012 >> for ERF

Poster for the Anthony Conte Memorial Benefit show at the Young Avenue Deli Nov. 16 >> for ERF

Red Fang, Black Tusk & Lord Dying at the Hi Tone Nov. 6 2012 >> for ERF

Poster for the Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market's Winter Hours

Missing Monuments with the Manateees at Hi Tone Nov. 14 2012 >> for ERF

Quickie Mart, Unicorn Fuckr & Glitch Doctor at the Hi Tone Nov. 9 2012 >> for ERF

My favorite local metal band, Agent Cooper's last show at Black Lodge Oct. 27 2012 >> for ERF

Dead Soldiers with Banditos at the Hi Tone Oct. 21st >> for ERF

Quick poster for Oracle & the Mountain's last show.

Poster collaboration with Enfectious Erf for Unknown Hinson's return to the Hi Tone.

New delivery & take out menu for the Hi Tone Cafe.

Gringos with Ritual Decay & Powers That Be at the Hi Tone Aug. 11th >> for ERF

Poster for the Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market's Summer Hours

T-shirt design for Fat Sandwich Records based off of Minor Threat's Out Of Step album art.

Second run of my DopeHope shirts are in purple, printed with a discharge ink dying process. And they look awesome. See?

T-shirt design for Live From Memphis based off a quote from an old local commercial.

Memphis College of Art coffee mugs.

Design for Memphis College of Art coffee mugs.

Card for Memphis College of Art's 2011 annual Career Fair.

Invitation for Shelby County Books From Birth's Giving Tree Gala. 2011

Exhibition card for Memphis College of Art's "On Loan" show.

Exhibition card for a group show with Anita Kunz, Luba Lakova, and Steve Brodner at Memphis College of Art.

Design for 2010 MCA Holiday E-card.

Poster for the Memphis College of Art Shuttle Schedule.

Rejected design for the BFA Exhibition card for Memphis College of Art. Fall 2010.

Ad for Indie Memphis' Freedom Series for the GoMemphis book in October 8th's Commercial Appeal.

Adobe Illustrator, 2010.

Rejected design for MCA's 2010 BFA card.
Photoshop & Illustrator. 2010.

Milieu, a collaborative installation exhibition.

Illustration by Derrick Dent. March 2010.

Exhibition card for Rozelle Artists Guild's Project Sketchbook. 2009.

Collaborative flyer. Illustration by Derrick Dent. (I just arranged the images & text.)


A collection of small design projects–posters, exhibition cards, & miscellany.