The hip independent filmmaker prides himself on his local celebrity, due entirely to the positive response garnered from his poetically directionless films. Though his premeires are always packed, they are mostly friends of the well-dressed, inarticulate human props used in place of actors. Often seen sporting well-worn American Apparel deep v-neck shirts, and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes.

It’s been years since hardcore metal had its hayday in the local music scene, but the hardcore metal fan hasn’t given up on the signature lifestyle of misdirected hate and public moodiness. Usually sporting black t-shirts with illegible band logos and unflattering basketball shorts, he clings to the lost art of hardcore dancing that used to alleviate the still lingering teen angst. Often a secret fan of Morrissey.

A new genre of geek chic has emerged in our technologically savvy society, and the graphic designer has found himself right at home. His close-cropped haircut merely alludes to an ocean of obsessive compulsive tendencies, and his signature white earbuds announce not only his superior taste in electronics, but let you know he’s tuned in--most likely has a twitter or tumblr account, votes in local elections, and rides his bike to the local organic produce market.

No grungy independently-run coffeeshop is complete without the oddball house musician. Typically, she will take the form of an unconventionally pretty girl with a funny haircut and quirky sense of style; brandishing a beat-up acoustic guitar, chunky thrift store sweater and masculine footwear paired with a skirt. The music is usually slow, emotional, and pushed through a breathy voice into a cheap microphone.

The revolutionary painter is a staple at art schools and liberal arts colleges. Working in the oldest medium of art still alive today, he realizes the historical implications of every brush stroke, and therefore drives himself mad--and usually anyone who is near also--reading into the philosophy of paint, human nature, and society. Can often be spotted wearing a paint-spackled Che Guevara shirt, & stoned out of his mind.

There are hidden dangers to sheltering your teenage daughter in her formative years, and the sudden transformation into a pseudo-feminist is one manifestation. She was once a clean-cut youth-groupie, but years of suppression have taken a massive toll. Usually, the victim has abandoned wearing a bra for what she claims are feminist reasons, yet sleeps around unabashedly. You can spot one by their purposely exposed unshaven armpit hair, angry bumper stickers, & proclivity for ceramics.

The film enthusiast is a pale, somber video store regular. His interest in film is less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle, with nearly every conversation containing an obscure quote or reference. A bottomless well of movie trivia, the enthusiast’s interests aren’t limited to traditionally ‘good’ movies, but span to the underground and occult. Usually intelligent but antisocial, intensely opinionated, and would choose a night in smoking weed with close friends over a night out drinking in a crowd.


A series of vectored illustrations of fictional characters who embody creative archetypes in midtown Memphis. Each character is accompanied by three props or accessories, and a brief description. None of these characters are meant to be any one specific person, but share personality traits or physical features with many people on whom they are based. This series is meant to be humorous and not offensive.